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Welcome to Joem Communications

Joem Communications Limited was established in 2015 as a limited company with the core mandate of executing Public Relations and Communication services. Under the banner “Service for You”, Joem is driven with passion to deliver the best to the client.

Why Joem

Because of Who We Are

Joem is a team of top communications professionals with a wealth of expertise in all aspects of strategic PR and communication, branding and collateral communications. We supplement our core team with outstanding colleagues as needed.

Because of How We Work

We understand that Communication makes or breaks ideas, products, programs and careers. So it’s vital to get it right! The best way to get it right is through the unique approach we give to every task.

Because of our Approach

Joem doesn’t guess at the best approach. We work with you to see just what you need. We do the homework to determine what will work. And we get your goals achieved. Give us a call. You’ll see the difference.

“Your organizational identity is a key component of your brand.

Develop it strategically and protect it vigorously.”

Top priority

OUR brand preposition

Joem Communication Limited has a team of competent, professional and dedicated staff who are ready at all times ready and willing to serve you towards the following prepositions: