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Welcome,at Joem Communications ltd, we pride ourselves in offering our customers responsive, competent and excellent service. We value our customers and work tirelessly to give value for money to our clients.




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What is a Marketing and PR agency?

A marketing and PR agency is a professional service firm that provides specialized assistance to businesses seeking to promote their products, services or brand image. The agency’s main goal is to help their clients build and maintain positive relationships with their target audience through various marketing and public relations strategies. These agencies can offer a range of services, including market research, brand development, advertising, media relations, event planning, and social media management, among others. The role of a marketing and PR agency is to help companies enhance their visibility, reputation and ultimately achieve their business goals by reaching out to their target audience in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Why us

Because of Who We Are

Joem communications has a team professionals with wealth of experience in strategic PR and communication,on-line marketing and branding.

Because of How We Work

We are a strong team that delivers. We understand that Communication is critical to companies and it’s vital to get it right. We ensure that we remain true to the client’s interest and add value to get the best results.

Because of our Approach.

Joem communications do the home work to determine the best approach on client's assignment. We look into what bring positive turn around in your business and deploy our expertise to meet your bottomline.

How can JOEM help your business?

Joem Communications, being a PR and marketing agency with skilled practitioners, can provide a range of benefits to a business in terms of PR.

  • We will help create and manage the business’s brand image, ensuring that it is portrayed positively to both external and internal publics.
  • We will develop effective communication strategies to engage with the business’s target audience and stakeholders. 
  • In any event, we will provide crisis management services, helping the business to navigate and mitigate negative publicity or events.
  • Further, we can create and distribute compelling content that showcases the business’s products, services, and values.
  • We will help establish the business as a thought leader in its industry by securing media coverage and arranging speaking opportunities.


What our clients say about us

Imarisha sacco values excellent social media marketing and communication services.With Joem communication ltd we can now reach our target customers to enroll. We have a remarkable on-line presence , well managed customer relations and reputation. Joem communication has what it takes to deliver.
Mrs Janet Towett
Imarisha Sacco Marketing Manager
I spent a lot of time researching various PR firms – and the minute I met Joem team, I knew they were the one for me. Competent and well versed team on social networking platforms. Joem communications has changed Masai TTI social network platforms in terms of prompt communication, information delivery, adverts among others.
Mr. Francis Wambua
Masai Mara Technical Institute
Kaiboi Technical Training Institute wish to express our sincere gratitude to JOEM Communications for the results oriented on-line marketing. Their services has greatly improved marketing of our programmes and increased students enrollment into the various artisan, craft and diploma courses offered.
Mr. Chesire Johana
Kaiboi TTI, Eldoret, Kenya
Joem communications takes their Online marketing and PR job seriously. With your support and guidance, we have been able to increase our profile in sectors I had not previously considered and expand business operations into these areas. Brevan Hotel Bomet is proud to be associated with their services.
Mr. Raphael Biegon
Brevan Hotel, Bomet, Kenya

Our clients

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